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The Hammam towel has been a tradition in Turkish baths for centuries. They are still produced in the same way as they have been for generations, hand made on looms throughout the region. The special way in which they are made produces a truly luxurious, practical and elegant towel.

It is the lightweight, super absorbent and fast drying characteristics of the Hammam towel that are contributing to their growing popularity. They can be used on the beach, in your bathroom, as a wrap or sarong, as a throw or picnic-blanket,  in the gym and anything in-between. They are perfect for travel as they are so compact, taking up only the space of a t-shirt in your suitcase.

The unique addition of bamboo in some of our towels gives them an environmentally friendly aspect that cannot be beaten. Faster and more efficiently produced than cotton, bamboo fibre is much softer and also dries in half the time.

Hammam-towels.co.uk offers you a huge selection of both colours and styles, ranging from bohemian chic to nautical sophistication, there is a towel for everyone!